Blossoming Broken Flowers; Selected Writings from High Peaks Pure Earth


Tibet Relief Fund UK:
We are delighted to be working with High Peaks Pure Earth to publish these selected works from their website. By translating writings from within Tibet and the People’s Republic of China, accompanied by discerning commentary, High Peaks Pure Earth presents a unique and vital insight into Tibet today. The site provides a platform for a fascinating and diverse selection of voices and Tibet Relief Fund is proud to have this opportunity to publish this vibrant, contemporary and honest insight into life in 21st Century Tibet.

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High Peaks Pure Earth presenteert met trots een nieuwe publicatie met de titel ‘Blossoming Broken Flowers: Selected Writings from High Peaks Pure Earth‘, die is geproduceerd in samenwerking met het Britse liefdadigheidsfonds Tibet Relief Fund.
De publicatie bevat inleidingen van het Tibet Relief Fund, Dechen Pemba en Tsering Woeser en is vervolgens ingedeeld in de volgende thema’s:
– 2008 and Post-2008
– I Am Tibetan
– Lhasa
– The Environment
– Contemporary Tibetan Art and Artists
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