CD Dechen Shak-Dagsay: SHI DE a call for world peace


Dechen Shak-Dagsay
Shi De

a call for world peace

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1 Sog Tshag Tshe Kyong (Care For The Animals) 8:09
2 Dshung Wa Thog Sön (Balancing The Elements) 8:37
3 Shi Wä Lam Kyöb (For Non-Violence, Respect And Tolerance Between The People) 8:32
4 Khor Yug Sung Kyob (Care For The Enviroment) 8:06
5 Mong Shen Dam Löd (The Danger Of Blind Devotion) 7:16
6 Päl Yön Ngam Tshöd (Share The Treasure Of The World) 8:49
7 Tam Tshö Na Tsog (Religions Of The World) 9:42
8 Dug Tsön Ka Gok ( A World Without Weapons)