A mother’s son, Nawang AnjaTsang, dvd

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My name is Sonam ( Nawang Anjtatsang ) and I am a Tibetan living in London since 1999.I have made three documentaries : Little Tibet 1 , which was self funded, and Little Tibet 2 and Drensol  which were both crowd funded.I have just returned from a  trip to India where I completed filming on what I hope to be my fourth documentary, A Mother’s Son ,about Dorje Tsering a 16 year old Tibetan who self immolated on February 29th and subsequently died from his injuries on March 3rd of this year.

This is a highly emotive topic which has exploded on to the world stage in the past few years, many people believe these self-immolators to be martyrs for Tibet , others condemn their actions as a waste of a valuable human life, a life better used to work towards saving Tibetan culture. I decided to make a documentary, not to glorify or condemn these immolations but to try and understand how a young boy could decide to do this, what are the consequences of such actions and  what are the effects it has on those left behind. Most immolations take place within Tibet so it is impossible to get real insight in to the hearts and minds of those close to these people who choose to die for Tibet. India , allows us this opportunity,

With the support and approval of his parents, I filmed this documentary at the beginning of April this year. Both his parents spoke candidly about the loss of their son and the effect of this on their lives. I traveled around Himachal Pradesh and interviewed His Holiness the Karmapa, the Tibetan Prime Minister Lobsang Sangay,the staff at Dorje Tsering’s school, eye witnesses and his best friend.

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