Tibet’s forgotten heroes, Birgit van de Wijer.


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Tibet’s forgotten heroes, Birgit van de Wijer.
Uitgeverij Amberley. Hardcover, Engelstalig

In 1949, the People’s Liberation Army of China sent troops into Tibet. At first, Chinese soldiers behaved respectfully towards the local people, distributing clothes, blankets, tools, medicine and even money.
Soon, however, it became clear that a new era in Tibetan history had begun, namely one of oppression, atrocities and… resistance.
Tibet’s Forgotten Heroes is a unique historical document on Tibetan resistance to Chinese oppression.
For the very first time since the events, fortyeight stories by Tibetan warriors involved in the struggle for freedom are given unabridged, creating a vivid and emotional spectrum of events in Tibet since 1949. Birgit van de Wijer has been careful to provide an honest transcription of the interviews, acting only as a ‘service hatch’. The first-hand interviews as well as the translation into English were conducted by native Tibetans. The book is the result of two years’ work with dozens of Tibetans involved.