Little Tibet II, Nawang N. Anja-Tsang, DVD


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Little Tibet II
English subtitles
85 minuten

In Little Tibet 2, Sonam retraces his father’s footsteps through Nepal to Mustang, where the Tibetan way of life still persists. He encounters a myriad of people including nuns educating Tibetan children, a nomadic family struggling to live on the land and Tibetan women learning to restore monastic paintings over 500 years old. Sonam also meets the King of Mustang, and gains a unique insight into the life of a Yogi who teaches traditional values to youngsters attracted to the bright lights of modern society.

Sonam’s journey concludes as he confronts his father’s past as a guerilla fighter, who in the 1960s and 70s fought in vain against the Chinese Army. With beautiful vistas and intimate encounters Little Tibet 2 provides a rare insight into a culture and people that live on the edge of extinction.